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At last, a reliable source of information on cosmetics for EU consumers


On 16 February 2023, the COSMILE Europe database went online in 14 languages across the European Union. COSMILE Europe is a European initiative based on German and French models and is supported by numerous national associations in the cosmetics sector, including Detic. It provides access to data on almost 30,000 cosmetics ingredients as well as general information on these products.

Apparently, providing users with reliable information from scientific sources and recognised expert committees, free from unsubstantiated interpretations, does not look new nor original. Nevertheless, make no mistake, this approach, which is based on transparency, is currently unique. COSMILE Europe aims to provide factual information without bias and without imposing choices or ratings. There are no unsubstantiated comparisons here, based on an obscure process riddled with prejudices and errors , giving rise to partial or unintentional disinformation. Let’s leave that to Yuka, INCI Beauty or other brainwashing clean beauty apps which, apparently , predominate when it comes to providing (dis)information.

Respecting the user

COSMILE Europe seeks neither to influence users nor scare them, nor even to act as a ‘referee’. It is a factual database that enables consumers to make an informed choice, to exercise their free will, and professional users to access substantiated, reliable and accurate data. This database is a relevant information tool for anyone in touch with consumers who have questions, like staff in perfume stores and hair stylists, beauticians or sales advisers, as well as medical personnel, such as dermatologists, allergists, GPs, pharmacists, nurses and others, who are asked questions about safety, intolerance and allergies or who have to reassure or advise patients. COSMILE Europe should also be of interest to the mass-distribution retail sector, which could provide customers with access to it in store via a QR code.

Really robust data

COSMILE Europe is the result of a merger of data taken from the ‘Claire’ app in France and ‘COSMILE®’ in Germany. These data come from official sources, such as the European Union database and a German platform which unites, among others, the cosmetics industry, associations in the medical sector (dermatologists, allergists, paediatricians, etc.) and civic and professional associations (beauty care, perfumery, care services, etc.) ( Therefore, the data provided are traceable, scientifically sourced and in line with regulations . They are also supervised downstream by various stakeholders who have no commercial or activist objectives.

A more user-friendly app

Using a database without an automatic search function can be tedious. Consequently, COSMILE Europe will soon become available as a mobile app with two search entries ‒ one by using the product barcode and the other by scanning the INCI list of ingredients. This twofold entry will ensure the accuracy of the essential information, particularly when users are seeking to avoid a specific ingredient because of an allergy.