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Who are we?


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Who are we?

DETIC is the Belgo-Luxembourg association of producers and distributors of cosmetics, detergents, cleaning and maintenance products, adhesives and sealants, biocides and aerosols.


Our values

The spirit of association – A fundamental value

Above all, DETIC is an association of companies that work together and interdependently on common projects.  As a place of expression, listening and mutual aid, the association shares among its members the knowledge, experiences and abilities needed to fulfil their corporate aim and carry out their activities.  DETIC upholds the principle of participatory democracy and as well as respecting individuality, it guarantees the confidentiality of the exchanges that take place and compliance with the rules of competition.

Diversity and mixity – A wide-ranging strength

DETIC brings together companies of all sizes and from different sectors in a unique and egalitarian structure (one member = one vote).  The association draws strength from the complementary natures of its sectors, the wealth of cross-sectoral exchanges and the added value they create.  Consequently, it benefits from a broader mix of ideas and considerable diversity in the abilities it encompasses.

Commitment and accessibility – A personalised service

DETIC does everything possible to respond to the issues faced by its members and anticipate the challenges of the future.  The secretariat staff are available and accessible, providing customised services.  Human relations and empathy lie at the heart of the working method adopted by the association, whose main commitment is to serve its members. See ‘our services’.

Openness and integrity – A credible discussion partner

DETIC listens to civil society and maintains open and attentive relations with its stakeholders.  Respecting its own integrity and that of its partners, it proactively cultivates a policy of partnership designed to establish its social credibility.

Our mission

As the spokesperson for several sectors in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, DETIC works to create and maintain a positive and sustainable image in its industries.  Its central mission is to support, accompany and advise its members regarding the ‘responsible’ way to bring their products, services and solutions to market.  DETIC provides expertise on regulatory and technical issues as well as in the field of communication and sustainable development.

Our philosophy

DETIC strives to ensure that its members can fully realise their potential in the new Sustainable Development model.

Social responsibility of our sectors

The companies represented in DETIC manufacture and market products that improve daily life (cosmetics, cleaning products, adhesives, cleaning equipment, etc.) by offering consumers safe, good-quality products.  These products are not confined to the general public.  The professional, industrial and institutional sectors benefit, as well.

Innovation backed up by respect for individuals and the environment enable this steady growth in general well-being.

For years, our sector has upheld the international Responsible Care programme, which began in Europe in the 1990s.  This programme corresponds to a formal commitment by companies to strive to constantly improve their performance in the fields of health, safety and environmental protection.

DETIC supports the concept of sustainable development adopted by the UN in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.  This development model is at once ecologically tenable, economically viable and socially acceptable.

In other words, sustainable development means that today development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

sustainable development goals










The activities of our members

The full associate members of DETIC are natural persons or legal entities whose activity involves production, import, export or distribution in the field of:

  • cosmetics,
  • detergents, cleaning and maintenance products (including disinfectants, insecticides, preservatives, etc. …),
  • adhesives and sealants,
  • raw materials used in the industries of the above products, such fatty acids, surfactants, glycerine, etc. …
  • as well as related products and equipment for both household and institutional or industrial use

The adherent associate members are natural persons or legal entities that are likely to provide services for the association but that do not fulfil the conditions to be members of the Federation of the Chemicals Industries, such as manufacturers of aerosol cans, manufacturers of food products packaged in aerosols, manufacturers and importers of cleaning equipment and accessories, etc. …